This video shows the first production stage of the multi layered ZrO2-blanks – namely powder`s filling up in layers and axial pressing of mixtures by the upper panch. The vertical automatic batchers fill powder mixtures with different colors into boxes of the revolver adapter. Download of mixtures is gradual with taking into account the mix formulation program for multi layered blanks. Next is the axial pressing and removing of the resulting workpiece after it.  The removing occurs by moving of the lower punch (moving bed of forming block) upward. Four layers are clearly visible – the first and the third layers of the pressed workpiece are blue painted.  

By real pressing process the shades of layers differ very slightly and color transition (color shades between them) are virtually indistinguishable. But after  final sintering process they repeat the color structure of the enamel`s tooth crown, with color shades from white transparent (at the top of the crown) to light brown (at the pre-cervical area).